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Why use Total Scientific?

Scientific expertise

Understanding and harnessing the power of biomarkers is a considerable challenge, not least because of the wide range of specialist skill sets that are required. Getting it right offers the prospect of a concrete commercial advantage over your competitors, but pitfalls abound and reliance on a poorly validated surrogate biomarker could spell disaster. Partnership with a contract research company, like Total Scientific, whose expertise is focussed entirely on the identification, measurement and analysis of biomarkers, is the best way to navigate this minefield with confidence. Exploit our skills to your commercial advantage.

Our experienced team can help you get the most out of your biomarker programme, whether your aim is to identify, validate or measure a biomarker. With the correct expertise on board your biomarker programme is likely to be quicker, more cost-effective and more than anything else fit for your purpose.

Our strength is in our people and their attention to detail. We aim to provide the best quality output while maintaining competitive pricing. It is our belief that extra effort put into the design of a study can significantly improve its value to the client, without affecting the cost. Hence, we liaise carefully with prospective clients to ensure that the study we describe in the quotation is as close as possible to the one required by the client. This reduces additional costs incurred throughout the study to a minimum and ensures that our expertise in the design, performance and analysis of a project is brought to bear as early as possible. In addition, it ensures that the intentions of the original study design are carried forward into the practicalities of the study itself.

We pride ourselves on our ability to pick up and run with a wide range of projects, some of which may be outside our areas of core expertise. This is facilitated by the combination of our broad experience in core biochemistry and cell biology techniques and an extensive network of contacts throughout the Cambridge biotechnology cluster.

We have a well-equipped general laboratory which enables us to perform a wide range of biochemistry and immunology-related scientific research including multiplex analyses using a Luminex 200 Multiplex analyser. Our laboratory also contains containment level II tissue culture facilities allowing us to perform cell-based assays on both cell lines and primary tissue (human and other species). In addition, we have access to many additional facilities provided to companies on the Babraham Research Campus by Babraham Bioscience Technologies, including a BMG Pherastar analyser (for luminescence, fluorescence and fluorescence polarisation assays), flow cytometry, mass spectrometry and more.