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In Vivo Preclinical Services

Total Scientific has the proven technical knowledge, scientific excellence and awareness of current standards to initiate and successfully complete a wide range of preclinical models of inflammation. Our approach is to have a flexible experimental design and to encompass the support of established academic leaders in inflammation both in the model selection and in the design of experiments. We have expertise in models of respiratory, autoimmune, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, including asthma, COPD, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, atherosclerosis, stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease. We also have available well-characterised models of acute inflammation, which can be used for rapid screening of candidate anti-inflammatory compounds.

Our expertise in biomarkers and phenotyping tools (such as multiplexed cytokine profiling, bespoke biomarker panels, quantitative immunohistology and metabolomics) mean that the models we use are always extremely well characterised, improving your understanding of both the model and treatment. This will provide a key advantage to the development of any novel anti-inflammatory therapy, and starts you early on the path of looking at potential biomarkers for future clinical studies.

In addition, our range of inflammatory models are offered with a twist. We have pioneered the design of ‘combination protocols’, engineered to explore toxicology, efficacy and ADME properties in a single animal study. Not only does this promote the principles of refinement and reduction in animal experimentation, but also offers more reliable de-risking of an early stage programme at a lower cost than conventional development routes.

Our range of services include:

  • • Models of acute inflammation
      • - Agent-induced acute inflammation
      • - Phagocytosis clearance model

  • • Models of chronic inflammation
      • - Asthma
      • - COPD
      • - Atherosclerosis
      • - Rheumatoid arthritis
      • - Surgical adhesions
      • - Stroke
      • - Lupus
      • - Osteoarthritis
      • - Osteonecrosis
      • - Alzheimer’s disease
      • - Neuropathic pain
      • - Diabetic nephropathy
      • - Fatty liver disease
      • - Head injury
      • - Colitis / IBS / Crohn’s

  • • PD, PK or TK studies

  • • Development and phenotyping of transgenic mice

  • • Research tools (blood, tissue, cells) from any of our acute or chronic models

All studies are performed by our own experienced staff to maintain the highest quality standards, and conform to ethical and regulatory standards that exceed the legal minimums set out under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.

In summary, with our in vivo services group, we can take molecules from discovery to Phase II proof-of-clinical concept – ideal for virtual or semi-virtual clients. Equally, we can provide competitively priced individual services at an industry-leading quality standard to cover any gaps in the internal skill sets of larger companies. Contact us now to discuss the possibilities.