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Why use Total Scientific?

Customer service

Together with the scientific capability to ensure that your project delivers its objectives, we offer a first-class service to our clients. Each project has a dedicated project manager who is also a scientist. This means that you have direct access to the person who is in charge of delivering the project to you. As well as regular project updates this provides you with easy access to someone who can help you with any queries, whether they are administrative or technical. The level of communication between you and us throughout the project is designed to fit with your needs. Typically, we have formal communication on a regular basis (perhaps weekly or biweekly). However, any significant results or issues that arise between these pre-arranged meetings would always be brought to you as soon as possible. This pro-active communication will continue even after the project has completed. Once the practical phase of a project is finished, we will always try and provide you with any raw data prior to the final written report. This is most usually seen in bioanalytical projects, where we know (as scientists ourselves) how keen our clients are to see the data. So once all of the quality control checks have been carried out the data is released to you immediately. Completion of the written report is then typically carried out in the following two or three weeks, but certainly within the timelines that formed part of our initial quotation.

The majority of our services are provided in our in-house laboratories. However, some are provided in collaboration with carefully-selected partners in the UK and elsewhere. Regardless of the way in which your project is managed, all services come with our personal guarantee that says that we do not think that you will find better quality elsewhere.

For more information about the biomarker services we offer, or Total Scientific Ltd and its staff please explore our website further.