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Biacore surface plasmon resonance

Analysis of the interaction between two different molecules can be extremely important in many different stages of drug development including target identification and validation, assay development and biomarker analysis. Total Scientific have scientists with the experience to use surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to determine the specificity, affinity, kinetic and/or thermodynamic characteristics of the interaction of proteins with a variety of partners such as small molecules, nucleic acids, other proteins including antibodies and even intact cells; in fact, almost any molecular interaction between two molecules if one of the partners can be coated onto the surface of the sensor chip.

These analyses, performed in real-time and label-free, are carried out using a Biacoreā„¢ T200, a versatile system with exceptional sensitivity and precision. This system can be used for a wide range of different purposes including research to define structure/function relationships, understand the dynamics of molecular pathways and to help select better tools, e.g. antibodies, based on binding properties. It is also very powerful for the screening, identification, characterisation and selection of therapeutic candidates, and by enabling a better-informed selection this can facilitate preclinical and clinical development. This methodology can even be integrated into quality control procedures during manufacturing. The use of Biacore technology is endless and we can even transfer an existing assay from another platform (such as ELISA) on to SPR technology.

No other technique can provide such comprehensive information in real time, without the use of labels, in one system. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion about how our Biacore service may be able to assist your studies.